Wooden Gazebo

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Wooden garden gazebo

Our catalog includes a wide range of buildings for exterior arrangements. We execute wooden garden gazebo and garden furniture, ideals to complete the portrait of your garden or court house.

Each work is processed with attention and carefulness, so that every detail to be defined as close to the whim of client. Each wooden garden gazebo has an own and personalized design, so that every garden to look different.

Wooden garden gazebo - Quality and resistance, two important aspects

Our company makes wooden garden gazebo, at the best quality, and to the highest levels of execution, in order to meet the most demanding requests.
Thus, a gazebo meets requirements like:

Strong construction

All the productions designed for exterior arrangements are calibrated and made from a wood of high quality. For every construction is used a hardwood (oak, acacia etc.) but also other materials like fir, wood resistant to the humidity and weather-fastness.

Distinctive design

Each gazebo is made concerning to the customer design demands, so that each garden has a distinct and personalized character. The work is one of the most searched for those who live at house with a big court or garden. So, we understand that each distinctive note to your outdoor counts to your exterior arrangements.


Constructions are executed to long lasting and to protect against weather conditions and variety of temperatures of springs, summers and even late autumns.

Well defined details

For one of this construction, meant to be the attraction of your garden, we have to mention that our team of specialists pays a special importance to details, such to execution and finishing. And depending to your style, we guaranty that our gazebo will be a delight to your eyes.

Comfort and relax

What can be more pleased and relaxing than to drink coffee, in your garden, in a safe place of sun, rain or wind?

If you have a court enough big or a garden with a free space, the best option is to build a wooden garden gazebo. A wooden gazebo is ideal for your family, if is arranged and placed according to your garden. You can relax, take meal in your family and to receive guests, in summer evenings. And if you choose for arrangement of the gazebo with pergola, you can enjoy it even in late autumns.

We ensure you that each wooden work is adapted to your space and design. A corner of relaxation closer to the nature – the gazebo is matching perfect with your demands of mixing the useful with aesthetic. From our range of wooden garden gazebo, you have possibility to choose traditional/rustic style or modern style. Below you have some wooden garden gazebo, eloquent and iconic, executed by our company.

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