Wood frame houses


Wood frame houses – utilities and facilities

This type of homes are part of the lightweight construction without independent resistance structure, its role being distributed over the prefabricated walls that comes in the building’s componence. Among other defining characteristics of this type of construction, we can mention the great flexibility in choosing shape and size, prefabricated walls including insulation, great seismic resistance and the biggest advantage, lower cost of execution!

The outer layer (external finish) can be achieved in various ways, using different materials (wood, ceramic, synthetic, traditional plaster, etc.), giving the house a rustic air, according to the location of the green areas, or a modern look in full accordance with your taste. For better understanding of the construction system, we present below a few images that describes the wall, roof structure and floor beams creation technique.

Wall structure is made of planks of wood with 60mm thick fitted to the modular spatial frames. Wall assembly is bolted directly on the house’s mounting place. All tracks are embedded in the wall installations, the constructive system allowing interventions quite easy. Thermal comfort of such house is very high, the wall thickness is calculated as per the climatic conditions, the windows system may include thermo-resistant glasses with one or two chambers, which can lead to a heat transfer coefficient K = 0.7.

For cooling Alpin Residential houses, can be choosed an classical system and (for the opposite extreme) a centralized system to achieve both uniform heating and cooling through a modern system that uses geothermal energy and heat exchangers.

case structura lemn

The structure of a wood frame house

Roof structure

Roof structure uses exclusively the wood beams, from this material being created the rafters, panels, beams, etc. To keep a warm and special atmosphere, the main elements of the roof structure are visibile from the inside, the cladding and insulation layer being placed above it.

In general, going from inside to outside, over the visible resistance structure of the roof, there are mounted in order, the following:

Windows and doors

The windows we use are made of softwood (or, at request, from other trees) massive or laminated, or, at customer’s request. They can be fitted with conventional windows (single or double windows) or double glazed. Positioning windows in the walls is made by a specific system for this kind of houses. Ledges are also provided on both sides of the walls. Special commands allows to be used sliding windows systems, special shapes, Velux roof windows, etc. Doors, both the inner and outer, are usually made of fir wood, the panels are of plywood (solid), but, at request, any other variations are possible.

Finishes. The wood treatment

All the wooden elements from the construction kit are treated with chemicals against specific infections that damage the wood. The used substances are specially manufactured and compliant with European standards. It also included fire retardant treatment and UV protection. Finishing construction is made with organic water based varnish, the color chosen by you from a rich palette of colors offered by the company ICA Itlia.

Floors, interior stairs

Resistant structure (beams) can be visible, or not, at your desire. Ceilings are covered with panels of the highest quality with 15 or 25mm thickness or dry plaster. The floor has 40mm thickness. Acoustic and thermal insulation is made with mineral wool or, optionally, with other insulating materials. Inside the floor are included the paths for facilities.

Staircase is made of softwood or, optionally from hardwood having or not step counter and railing can be chosen from our designs or can be made after your model.