Rustic Furniture

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Rustic furniture for interior and exterior arrangements

The vision and desire of Ecowood Industry are directed to offer clients the most useful and delightful wooden piece for outside and inside. In our offer, customers can find such as rustic furniture for inside and outside. In the amount of our products, you can find table with chairs, camp chair, camp table, forms, swings, chaise lounge, and support for garden umbrella.

About rustic furniture for outside, this is designed to complete perfect your garden or court, in a natural and attractive way, in the same time. About inside rustic furniture, our team of specialists offers a wide range of furniture piece, harmonized with actual demands of utility and functionality. Depending to the requirements of client, our products are adapted to any demands of execution and design.

Rustic furniture - Decorative style from past

Because the design of each piece of furniture is rustic, a decorative style from past, furniture pieces adapt perfect to natural environment of court, garden or inside of your home.

The design is simple and useful, closed to the lifestyle leaning to nature. So, either as you choose for a table with chairs for your garden, or you choose a bed, you will have an authentic experience of living at country.

This type of furniture is demanded of a lot of clients, because the natural aspect of wooden is given by the shapes and unique design, kept authentic in every corner of furniture. Hence, this fits perfect in rustic landscape of your building, such inside and outside as well.

With every piece of furniture made by us with a lot of cleverness, we create an environment closer to nature and with architectural style from past. Our team of specialists in processing and finishing the wood brings an assembly of details belong to nature, Ecowood Industry mark.

The main aesthetic features, meet by wooden rustic furniture, are the natural look and rough of wood and the processing of it with the most simple details and finishes.

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High quality wood

Ecowood Industry uses for all the products from catalog, high quality wood. The wood is a natural and warm material, and can be used for any type of arrangement, such inside as outside too. Through the advantages that wood presents, we can say about:

Long lasting

Resist in time, to any weather conditions. The durability is ensured by the modern technologies against insects and fungi, executed by our specialists.

Quick execution

The process of execution of the furniture will not take very much time, because the wood is easy to handle and processed.

Natural and warm look

Because of the warm colors of wood, the furniture will bring familiarity and comfort to your house and garden.

Easy to maintain

The wood is the easiest material of maintaining and act very good in time.

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