Log Houses


Production technology for log houses

When choosing a log building, it is important to consider the natural feature, especially the crevices of logs that are generated by fluctuations in the percentage of residual moisture and pressure inside wood. Research demonstrates that no natural drying of wood and no forced drying (from wood drying machines) can not eliminate cracks.

To reduce the number of cracks, we make a channel on the entire length of the log (to eliminate tension) and use the ends of logs to other destinations. We use and recommend the natural drying of logs, treated with special substances that prevent additional penetration of moisture from the atmosphere and from the action of foreign known pests, storing them so that there will be an air flow and executing the joints according to the assembly draft.

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One of the peculiarities of these constructions is the vertical subsidence of the walls. Therefore, in mounting such houses, as well as installing vertical columns and in installing windows and doors, there are used "compaction units" which are also made of wood.

With all the details presented here, we can guarantee the sustainability over a decade of the homes built by us, especially if they provide good ventilation and heating, and renew after few years the protective outer coating.

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Responsible persons from our company will answer promptly to your questions.

Our company has a diverse offer of holiday houses, pavilions and elements terrace/lofts.

We offer complete solutions, presenting ourself to the market with quality products that combine traditional technology with modern design:

  • Solid wooden houses, holiday homes, cottages (logs)
  • Finnish Sauna, garden houses, lofts (logs)
  • Garden furniture, children houses, etc.
  • Interior and exterior design

The characteristics of log houses

Residential/vacation homes, made from massive logs produced by our company have many features, among them emphasizing the following:

Thermal protection

This is determined by the average thickness of the walls of wood (from 20cm to 35-40cm). According to the design and plan, we respect your heating needs each year to keep them as possible to the desired level. With our solid knowledge and construction methods, we meet all legal standards of thermal protection through trunk diameter. Taking into consideration certain specific and safe principles based on planning, it is possible to build houses with energy-saving supported by our construction technique.

Protection against water

There is no penetration of water from dew in the lateral surface areas of our building, as a result of sufficient strength of the walls. Small changes in humidity, for example in bathrooms and kitchens, have no noticeable effects on wood, because the isolation of the longitudinal channels and the attached sealing strips on the interior, avoids the damaged caused by the condensation.

The fir wood has a conductivity of l=0.13 W/(mK) and resistance to water vapor diffusion µ = 40. The main advantage of the wall of logs is that, water vapor diffusion resistance and the temperature through the cross section of the wall keeps a good balance while the sufficient tickness of the walls does not allow the water to penetrate the walls.Eliminating barriers for diffusion or the ranking of the construction elements with different density will allow you to live between wall that "breathe".

Noise protection

Just because it is about masive wall and large area construction, it’s obtained good noise isolation/protection. All other components of construction such as ceilings, windows, roof, etc., In terms of sound protection, are handled through conventional construction methods.

Fire Protection

Taking into consideration the specific conditions of construction, all aspects of the walls of the hubs are made according to DIN (German Institute for Standardization), in terms of fire resistance class F30, while the standard framing practices in the F90 class is done without problems. Although, solid wood (as opposed to prefabricated wood) has about the same factor like the most fire-resistant materials that are used to build traditional homes, there is also the possibility to threat the wood with special fire interwoven solutions.

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